Ma, Pa & Me! – Parent with Toddlers

MA,Pa,Me ButtonThe Fun Time Art Ma & Pa and Me, is a class developed for toddlers to be enjoyed with their mum or dad or with a guardian.  The class can be brought to your group on a regular basis or as a once off, special occasion. 

Each class brings a new theme, which in turn brings with it a new creative activity, story and game.

Your child will engage in an art exploration that includes drawing, painting, sculpture or gluing. These explorations help your toddler build self-confidence, encourages independent thinking, develop problem solving skills, enhance individual focus, concentration and fine motor skills.  Each child is awarded a ribbon to wear with pride at the end of each class.

We currently have no Ma, Pa & Me Group Events, however if you have a group or are interested do not hesitate to contact us for a creative solution.