Personalised Painting Course

An introduction one on one course to painting, allowing you to learn basic to advance painting techniques using a number of different painting mediums such as gouache, acylics, watercolours and oils.

As painting equipment can be expensive, this course is an excellent way of sampling different painting mediums without having to invest. The  course covers painting of a variety of topics such as still life, landscape, portraits etc.  The course is design to give you a taste of as many painting mediums and painting styles as possible.  It is an ideal way to decide what sort of painting and in what sort of medium you would most like to pursue.

Cost $420 for 8 week course

All Materials and refreshments included if held at Kings Langley Artist Space.

Venue: KLAS or happy to hold your course at your choice of venue.

2 hr class per week

For Further details or to book contact us