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A hand painted mural design can transform any room into an individualised space to be enjoyed by all who enter.

Fun Time Art provides hand painted murals for indoors on location.

Add life to that plain wall in your living room; bring fun characters to a child’s bedroom or playroom wall; make that small dark room seem larger and airier; create the right atmosphere in your office; make your pub or restaurant a warm and inviting place. Whatever your project, Fun Time Art can provide a solution.

We would be delighted to meet with you in your subject space to offer creative suggestions, determine size, colour design and layout.  There is no charge for this initial consultation and quotation. Mural designs will require a custom sketch to be approved by the client prior to the project start date.  Once the design and quoted price are agreed upon a deposit will be requested and start date will be scheduled. The artist will then hand paint your personalised, unique artwork on location.

CONTACT US to explore the possibilities!